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Nosferatu: Working on the board now. Deleting old threads that have broken links, reorganizing a few things and trying to figure out how I might actually revitalize the place. Oct 12, 2015 15:54:47 GMT -5
Nosferatu: So far I've come up with some game boards which are things I find near and dear. I hope to expand on it but I need interest first. If people join and they want forums for games they love added, all they need do is ask. Oct 12, 2015 15:57:42 GMT -5
Nosferatu: Checking in. I don't expect a surge but I'm starting to wonder how many people actually even bother to look up proboards anymore. Perhaps it's not really going to see any growth at all. That would be disappointing. We'll see. Oct 16, 2015 16:13:19 GMT -5
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